Techlit analyzes and monitors all the proposed solutions in a serious and constant way, to guarantee and optimize the ROI, return on investment. In Digital Marketing it is necessary to determine the choice of the most suitable channels for the business model and pre-established objectives, as well as a good dose of statistical analysis of the results, fundamental to understand if the proposed solution is performing or not. We manage contact with customers in a continuous and interactive way, analyzing results and working strategically for a prolonged period of time, to optimize the results of each project.


Techlit's projects are structured according to the needs of the customer, identifying quality products (such as Crestron and Kramer to name just a few), of great reliability and ease of use. From the audio / video systems to the Bulding Automation solutions, Techlit's technology integrates perfectly with the control systems that allow and facilitate its use. Our experience is at the service of customers for whom we study detailed projects to make the spaces welcoming and usable. In this way technology is present but not intrusive, and its use becomes intuitive and natural.


Our digital strategy is designed to help brands and companies achieve their goals. The innovative processes used and proposed by Techlit will allow to define communication challenges and realistic goals, further developing the customer's digital channels, from online to offline, to proximity marketing. We have a team of creative partners that allows us to research new technologies and apply them in the most correct way for the customer.


Content management is a central part of the digital signage service. For effective content management, Techlit uses the best digital media platforms and has developed fully customizable applications and management systems. With Techlit's digital signage systems, the customer gets real-time feedback, and will have the ability to see exactly what is displayed on a single unit installed anywhere in the world at any given time. We also develop ad hoc applications for the needs of the customer, we take care of the prototyping of the application and of the final release, after having carried out the necessary test phases.


Techlit provides customers with all the support necessary for the management and resolution of problems in the short term, ensuring the best possible service and regular operations. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies Techlit is able to prevent the problem, succeeding in 80% of cases to solve problems with remote support. On occasions when this is not possible, we use specialized technicians that allow us to solve ON-SITE problems in all parts of Italy and beyond, with very short response times. Where requested we can offer H24 assistance. We offer free training to the customer for all the solutions we offer and carry out remote training when the customer has several locations or is unable to travel to the site.


According to the philosophy of Techlit, the relationship with the customer does not end with the sale of the product. The implementation, installation of solutions and systems, from the simplest project to the most complex, is carried out in the name of professionalism and efficiency. We perform installations on the national territory and beyond, using internal or external technicians, supervised with extreme care by our Project Managers. All the solutions we design and install are previously tested at our premises to make sure that the installation is as effective and fast as possible. The professionalism and constant updating of our operators allow us to install and configure hardware and software solutions in order to fulfill all customer requests.


Techlit offers the possibility to take advantage of the operational rental or operating lease to allow customers to use the solutions for a medium to long period of time ranging from 24 to 60 months, managing the payment with a simple fee. At the end of the rental period the customer can decide to return the goods, extend the contract according to the current conditions or activate a new one, thus performing the technological renewal of the installed park. The advantages of this service:


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